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To get the most out of your OliveFX programmes, choose the one most suitable for you and your category of business.

Introducing Broker

Simply introduce your clients to OliveFX and we’ll manage the rest! Receive generous rewards for the lifetime of that referral, based on their trades.


OliveFX offers flexible Affiliate relationships. Earn money by reffering clients to us.

Service Provider

If you are introducing a new technology, an innovative platform, or are a signal provider - Contact Us!

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OliveFX Affiliates earn commissions in real time and in a convenient manner.

Tracking support

Track performance within our system.


Your leads will benefit from the performance and stability of the trading platform you recommend.

Sales Support

Dedicated OliveFX sales professionals will work with your referrals to get their accounts open, and to provide ongoing management and support.

Dedicated Support

If you have a sizeble business and need additional support, OliveFX can offer a dedicated team to support your clients.

Access to MetaTrader 4

Your customers will trade using MetaTrader 4 (MT4), the world's most popular Forex trading platform.

Exclusive Promotions

As an OliveFX Affiliate, you will enjoy exclusive promotions to build opportunities.

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Each time a client you referred makes a trade, you will receive a commission.



Refer a trader to OliveFX



Track your leads that open a live account



Earn a commission on referred trades

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Marketing tools

OliveFX provides and assists in the development of marketing materials, which can be used across different platforms to help promote your business and thus increase your commission flows.

Cookie Life

Your referred click may not be converted immediately but with our cookie policy we continue to monitor that lead for 90 days.

Tracking & Reports

OliveFX aims to offers tailored statistics and trend reports to track your commissions, pay-outs and more. Use the dashboard to manage your efforts and facilitate lead building.

Marketing Banners

Attract leads by using customised banners to boost your marketing efforts. Our online banners are available when you become a OliveFX Affiliate.

Ongoing Promotions

OliveFX aims to provide tailored promotions for our valued affiliates. Contact us for more details.