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Upload at least one year of your past trading history and describe your methodology, then submit the application form

Due diligence

Verify your profile by uploading your ID and a Proof of Residence document (such as a utilities bill that has been issued within the last 12 months). Choose the account that is right for you and make a deposit.

Incubation period

Commence trading and build your reputation using our stepped tool before applying to be a Portfolio Manager or a Trade Leader.

Marketing Assistance

Once you become a Portfolio Manager or Trade Leader, OliveFX will assist you with marketing and promoting you and your strategies


Share your trading results through social channels and through tailored targeted marketing

Take the driver’s seat

Proven experienced traders can earn additional income by applying trading skills as an OliveFX Portfolio Manager.

Suitability & verification.
Marketing Support from OliveFX.
Manage multiple strategies
Monitor your performance
The higher you rank, the bigger your potential to grow
funds under management
Earn management and performance fees

Attract investors from our community

If you are an OliveFX Portfolio Manager, You can showcase your trades and trading strategies to attract investors to you.

OliveFX Portfolio Managers determine most of the parameters and settings for trades. Use the Dashboard to monitor and manage your performance.
  • OliveFX is regulated by ASIC and is monitored for compliance and risk management.

Note: Olive compliance and risk management requirements always apply.

Become a Portfolio Manager!

Your Strategy, Our Platform

Grow your financial business with OliveFX by creating a Strategy that others can follow.

As an OliveFX Portfolio Manager, you will get access to our full investment management solution to manage your Strategies. Plus, we will help market your Strategy and Portfolio Management capabilities to the OliveFX community!

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