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Social Strategies

Choose from a list of traders to follow when you join our Social Trading programme. Make the most of your forex investment by following a Trade Leader who shares your trading objectives and follow their strategies. Then monitor their performance, and watch the trades go by.
Already an experienced trader? Become a Trade Leader to maximise your earnings on the forex market.

*Past performance is not indicative of future returns and your capital is subject to significant risk.

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*Past performance is not indicative of future returns and your capital is subject to significant risk.

Social Trading

The latest investment trend is called Social Trading. This means that you can follow traders and automatically copy their trading strategy to make profitable trades. You'll learn what they look for, and thus improve your own skills as a trader.

Capital invested may be at risk as leveraged products may not suit some people. You could lose more than you invest and may risk making further payments.


Find top traders

OliveFX ranks Trade Leaders by performance, number of followers and other straightforward metrics, so you can easily discover expert traders to follow.


Build your portfolio

Track the performance of Trade Leaders and view their past performance before deciding to follow. You can add or remove Trade Leaders at your convenience.


Performance Fee (%)

OliveFX rewards Trade Leaders with performance fees that are a share of the profits your followers make over profitable periods. The more followers you have, the more you can make.


OliveFX makes copying Trade Leaders simple.

Choose the traders you want to copy and decide on what you are prepared to invest. Once the decision is made, you automatically copy everything they do in real-time.


  • When you copy trade with OliveFX using our clean, simple dashboard you can keep track of your performance and filter for new opportunities.
  • Follow various strategies, mimic their invesment mix and even the performance of each individual trade they place.